Bud Light Hopes To Lure In Gen Z With This Zero-Carb Beer

Beer brands have gone pretty big in the innovation department in recent years. For example, Heineken came out with Heineken 0.0, a non-alcoholic beer for those who want to keep their alcohol-free resolutions going but still feel included in social settings, per its website. For those with different tastes, Corona, Coors, and even Bud Light have introduced spiked seltzers to attract non-beer drinkers to their brands, reports Wine Enthusiast.

Bud Light has experimented with some new flavors in the seltzer arena, too, including a Fall Flannel Pack featuring iterations such as toasted marshmallow, pumpkin spice, maple pear, and apple crisp, as well as an Ugly Sweater bundle with sugar plum, cherry cordial, seltzer nog, and cranberry. Though the famous beer brand has dedicated considerable resources to compete in the seltzer market, it's now setting its sights on a beer that aims to attract seltzer drinkers with its unique nutritional profile.

Bud Light believes Gen Z will like this beer's crisp taste

In September 2021, Bud Light announced its zero-carb beer, at the time a work in progress to be released in 2022. We now know the official release date, thanks to a press release sent to Mashed: February 7. Dubbed Bud Light Next, the carb-free beer has 80 calories per serving and is 4% ABV. The brand calls it a "super crisp light beer" that has the "sessionability of a seltzer," meaning it's easy to drink more than one in one sitting.

According to Bud Light's announcement, the goal with Next was to appeal to younger adults, including those in Gen Z, who like beer but often opt for seltzer. Bud Light's vice president of marketing Andy Goeler told CNN Business that the drink marks the "next generation of light beer for the next generation of beer drinkers." Fans will be able to find it wherever Bud Light beers are sold.