BJ's Just Brought Back A Fan-Favorite Pizookie For Valentine's Day

If you love cookies but have never tried a Pizookie, you might want to change that. Food & Wine defines the dessert as a mix between a cookie and a pizza, taking the form of an oversized cookie that's served in its round baking pan and typically topped with ice cream. The Pizookie comes from BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, where the dessert menu is full of variations on the treat from chocolate chunk and salted caramel to monkey bread and white chocolate macadamia nut.

The casual chain has experimented with these Pizookie flavors over the years and is known to release seasonal versions around specific holidays and ingredients. Last fall, for example, a press release detailed a very autumnal sweet cinnamon apple Pizookie with a caramel drizzle. With Valentine's Day around the corner, BJ's has brought back its holiday-appropriate red velvet Pizookie through the end of February, Chew Boom reports.

A sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day

According to the BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse menu, the red velvet Pizookie starts with a giant red velvet cookie base. The seasonal treat is studded throughout with melty cream cheese and white chocolate chips, then topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It can be customized to include regular vanilla, chocolate, or no ice cream instead. If you find it on the menu at your local BJ's, expect to dish out about $7.95 per Pizookie, says The Fast Food Post.

Since the red velvet Pizookie is a returning seasonal item, you can check out reviews of the dessert before you buy it. YouTube food reviewer Let Jay Try It, for example, called it one of his "favorite dessert items ever." He has tried the item before and went back to taste it this year, confirming that "it's still amazing." He seemed to particularly enjoy the contrast between the melting ice cream and hot cookie, an experience he even braved the warm California weather for.