The Big Problem Twitter Has After A Chiefs Player Drank A Beer With Fans

As football season came to an end, there was a lot of celebration and comradery this year. People have flocked to the stands again, purchasing all the chicken fingers and beer they can handle while cheering for their favorite athletes. One NFL team's last game was particularly celebratory, with the Kansas City Chiefs winning their divisional playoff game against the Buffalo Bills on January 23 (via Fox 4).

One defensive tackle, Chris Jones, was so ecstatic that he jumped into a crowd of fans, one of whom passed him a can of Michelob Ultra (via the Takeout). Jones is seen in a video spraying the beer all over his face in a video that is seven seconds long with over 60,000 views. While his fans were cheering him as he emptied the can, others online shared their disapproving perspectives on the football player's actions. And no, they weren't solely pessimistic because they were Bills fans.

Twitter had COVID concerns

User @ClayWendler on Twitter shared the video of Chris Jones finishing the can of beer. He accompanied the video with the text, "Chris Jones got a beer." Some fans enjoyed the video of the Chiefs player celebrating. For example, one user, @rich_rupniewski, tweeted a super enthusiastic gif in response.

However, some others were not as thrilled, mostly due to the concern around the spread of COVID-19. User @ksu89wildcat tweeted, "Please don't be in COVID19 protocol next week." Another user, @bigtimeattacks, wrote, "Coronavirus likes this."

According to CBS Sports, Jones cleared COVID-19 protocols on December 23, which were to test weekly if vaccinated or daily if unvaccinated (via NFL). Players and staff also are required to wear masks indoors in the club facility, whether vaccinated or not. In addition, there is a capacity of 15 players in one weight room at one time.

However, that didn't ease the concern of some football fans, who expressed their views clearly on Twitter.