Martha Stewart Has Been Struck By Lightning A Surprising Number Of Times

Martha Stewart knows how to do so many things well — cooking, baking, decorating, entertaining, and maintaining an exquisite home. An icon and media mogul alike, she's behind Martha Stewart Living magazine, is the author of numerous cookbooks, and hosts a number of syndicated TV shows, per her website. She seems to have it all, and it's clear she's a woman who knows what she wants and goes after her dreams without letting anything stop her.

However, being in the limelight hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine for this billionaire. Despite her incredible résumé, Martha Stewart did some time in jail, too. But she's one tough cookie and has shown she can manage a lot of media attention and uncomfortable situations — like also being struck by lightning. Yes, not only can Stewart handle the heat in the kitchen and in the press, she's even managed to survive mother nature's fury.

Stewart recently revealed during a game of "Two Truths and a Lie" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that she has even been struck by lightning more than once, according to The Kitchn.

Third time's a charm for Martha Stewart

You'd think being struck by lightning once in your lifetime would be a long shot, but leave it to Martha Stewart to have been struck three times. "I just attract electricity; I'm so powerful," Stewart said jokingly during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on January 20. At least she has a good attitude about the scary events. "I think it actually is good for you. If it doesn't kill you, I think it's good for you!" she added, per The Kitchn

Two of the three times, Stewart said she wasn't even outside, but in her own home. The first lighting strike happened through her faucet. "I was leaning against an iron sink. I saw the lightning go down the pipe out in my garden and then it came back up through the water and hit me right in my stomach; [it] threw me on the floor," she explained, per the article. "My [ex] husband found me and I was alive, but not very comfortable." Yeah, being struck by an intense bolt of electricity doesn't sound pleasurable. The second time, she said, "A lightning bolt came right through a skylight in my house." Though, she didn't mention the circumstances surrounding the third time, per People

There are a few ways a person can get struck by lighting. The National Weather Service says it can happen via direct strike, ground current strike, offshoots, and conduction (when the bolt hits an object and reaches anyone in contact with it), as noted in the People article. Seems like Stewart only needs a couple more times to be the queen of this, too.