Del Taco Just Added 2 Minty Shakes To Its Menu

Del Taco has developed some ingenious desserts over the years. The brand made waves several years ago when it introduced the Churro Dipper Shake, featuring a vanilla shake with chocolate swirls that came served with a churro spoon. Meanwhile, Urban Matter ranked Del Taco's Caramel Cheesecake Bites as some of the best fast food desserts out there. The chain now plans to beef up the sweeter side of its menu with the introduction of two mint shakes that should hit locations soon.

Brand Eating reports that Del Taco plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by releasing a mint shake and a mint shake loaded with M&M's for a limited time. The items, dubbed the Mini Mint and Mini Mint M&M's Shakes, both feature a vanilla shake blended with mint syrup. The M&M's version also features the namesake candy. While these new additions may seem like an effort to grab a piece of the McDonald's Shamrock Shake market, it's not Del Taco's first rodeo with the dessert drink.

A new addition to the Del Taco dessert family

Del Taco has found success in mini shakes before. Years ago, the brand launched its 10 oz. mini milkshakes for $1, and the new mint products continue on the tradition, albeit with additional size offerings (per Brand Eating). Depending on location, the plain mint shake retails at approximately $1.59 for a small size, $3.99 for a medium, and $4.49 for a large shake. Meanwhile, the candy-filled small version of the treat goes for about $2.29, while the medium clocks in at $4.19, and the large costs $4.99.

While the introduction of the new shakes serves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the brand released them around the same time it also announced an updated menu, in addition to some new breakfast tacos. reports the move comes about as a way to bulk up Del Taco's value menu in response to other fast food chains' decision to reduce their own value menus.

While the word is still out on how these mint shakes stand up to the rest of the dessert menu, Del Taco clearly wants customers to try them as soon as possible. Eat Plea reports that anyone who orders through the chain's app can score a free mint shake until February 20th on any purchase.