TikTok Isn't Sure What To Make Of The Supersized Condiments In This Waffle House Order

Waffle House is pretty much the restaurant equivalent of "Tiger King," everyone seems to love it, but they don't always know why. The unquestionable hold that Waffle House has on us with their satisfying 24-hour breakfast food keeps bringing us in, no matter what characters we might encounter there at 2 a.m. If you grew up in the Southeast, this no-frills diner may hold a special place in your heart, even if you can't explain the magic of it to people — sometimes, they have to experience it themselves. There's just something about the way the diner loads up the waffles with chocolate chips and piles the cheese on top of the hash browns that is pure magic.

According to Eater, Waffle House was founded as a small neighborhood restaurant in 1955 in the Atlanta suburb of Avondale Estates. The chain has now expanded to more than 2,000 restaurants (via the official website). The all-day breakfast hangout is a Southern institution, where you can rely on staff to quickly get your food to the table and never skimp on the portions. This was especially true for a customer who posted their to-go order on TikTok recently, which included a giant steak and a super-sized amount of sauce.

This Waffle House customer got two whole bottles of sauce with her order

It may be the worst feeling when you get skimped on sauce in a drive-thru, but not at Waffle House. As @janeshalatrice posted on TikTok, she showed just how much Waffle House overcompensates for other fast-casual eateries' when she was given two full bottles of A1 after asking for a side of it with her takeout order. While the video creator found the amount of sauce she was given hilarious, a few other TikTokers saw this as an act of kindness. 

Some called it real customer service, with one user who said, "It wasn't a Waffle House, it was a Waffle Home." One person, @randomdude commented, "It's a Waffle House steak ... you're going to need EVERY DROP," which is a solid explanation. A more practical person said, "Probably both are almost done and they didn't want to waste time pouring it into little cups." Though the video creator dispelled that when she replied, "I thought so, but the A1 was almost full, neither was empty enough for that. I poured some and left the bottles though." We may never know the true motive behind this saucy to-go order, but it's totally in line with the beautiful mystery that is Waffle House.