A Frito-Lay Employee Called Out This TikTok For Lying About Doritos

Wanna be a whistleblower? Better get your facts in order first. Recently, a TikToker attempted to blow Doritos lovers' minds with a video of some pretty gross-looking dough. The poster captioned the vid, "These the new 3D Doritos you guys love so much," accompanied by sick emojis. In the video, a hand is seen slapping and jiggling an unappetizing, gelatinous mass, while the voiceover states, "What Doritos really look like before it's pressed and baked into a Dorito."

Not so fast. Another TikTok video by user Dadoritodude was posted to refute that claim. "Not really sure what they were showing. But it certainly wasn't our delicious #Doritos," the whistleblower on the original alleged whistleblower's caption states.  

To be fair, though, the original video said that the footage is of the dough before it's pressed and cooked. As most people know, any type of dough looks quite a lot different than the finished product. Still, Dadoritodude isn't having any part of what he says is false information, so he took viewers on something of a tour to prove the original poster wrong.

Secrets from inside Frito-Lay

Dadoritodude starts off his TikTok saying, "Fun fact, I work for Frito-Lay," then badges into the first of many doors. Viewers are sadly not treated to any footage of the actual production floor, because, as the alleged employee says it's "kind of a big secret inside there." After the door tour, the alleged employee hauls out a small ball of "masa" (shown above), which is the foundation for so many chips. As he notes, it "looks kind of like Play-Doh," but it doesn't stay that way for long. The corn-based dough then gets rolled, cut, and fried to more closely resemble the Doritos that fans know. The masa he trots out looks quite a lot different than the goopy mess from the original video, to which he says, "Whatever that was, it just ain't true."

This guy is apparently as legit as they come, at least, according to many of the commenters on the vid. One user, Jerboa, notes, "Dawg has a security level 5 access card." While some people were disappointed at the lack of behind-the-scenes footage of the Frito-Lay facility, user bigb had the TikToker's back, commenting, "I just don't think people who have never witnessed understand the security in food manufacturing." So rest easy that Dorito quality is presumably managed to the nth degree. Says Dadoritodude, "We do everything very meticulously to make the perfect healthy product, everytime."