This Viral Apartment Delivery TikTok Had DoorDashers Divided

Food delivery companies such as UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash are the big hitters of the home food delivery industry. Details from Bloomberg Second Data show that demand for these companies has surged and remains consistently high.

While food delivery may be a brilliant market for business investors to be involved in, down on the ground, the situation isn't necessarily as rosy. For DoorDash drivers working hard to get tasty food to hungry customers, Indeed records an overall company approval rating of 3.3 stars out of five. Although employees rate work-life balance as a positive, reviews criticize DoorDash's pay and benefits, as well as the company's job security and career progression.

A TikTok video has also revealed details of what it's like to work for DoorDash. The viral clip, uploaded by TikTok user @highemma, appears to complain about the amount of walking required to deliver food to apartment blocks (giving a middle finger emoji to the people who place the orders). TikTok users have been busy debating the issue — many sympathize with the complaint, but some argue that it's a requirement of the job.

While some understand, others believe delivery drivers are lazy

The video, which is detailed with hashtags including "tired" and "workout," has received great support from TikTok viewers. One comment observes how difficult building security can be to get through, while another suggests deliveries to apartments should incur an extra charge. One TikTok user adds that they always go downstairs to collect their deliveries from the entrance, and another claims they deliberately leave orders outside to force customers to pick them up themselves.

Although other irritations noted on the video include lights being switched off, struggles to find the correct building, and a lack of tips, many TikTok commentators have been unforgiving — including one labeling delivery drivers lazy. Others have argued that it isn't a difficult part of the job to perform and that it's something delivery drivers should expect.

Despite the apparent hardships faced by some food delivery workers, DoorDash confirms that drivers have the choice of accepting or declining any order, indicating that they are not forced to attend apartment blocks (via Daily Dot). The company also says that they omit negative ratings for matters not controlled by drivers.