Viral TikTok Jokingly Blames Walmart Fire On Almond Milk Rage

It's no secret that wild things happen at Walmart to the point where employees have discussed it at length on Reddit. By now some people might hear about something unusual, just shrug, and say "only at Walmart." When you go to Walmart, you almost expect something weird to happen, but some of the scenarios that employees have described are so outlandish, it would be tough to be prepared for them. "There was a man using the hose we use to water our plants showering naked in the parking lot. He had put up a sheet to block one side but people could still see everything," a Walmart employee told Cosmopolitan. "When the manager told him to leave, he acted like there was nothing weird about it," they added. Another employee said, "There's a guy who comes into the store regularly and always has a beer can suctioned to his forehead."

Harmlessly bizarre scenes are one thing, but criminal acts are another. Setting fires in Walmart has been a pretty common occurrence recently. In 2021, there was a string of Walmart fires in Alabama and Mississippi that was being investigated by the FBI (via Fox News). A few other fires in Walmarts in North Carolina were reported and one went viral on TikTok. Another recent TikTok video about a Walmart fire also went viral and cand came with a snarky caption.

TikToker jokingly blames a raging hot thirst for almond milk

A Walmart fire was captured in a TikTok video posted by @thriftymuse. It shows a shelf of paper towels on fire with the caption "someone got mad that walmart was out of almond milk then started a fire." The caption was a joke, which the creator admits in the top comment. A few commenters, who were presumably joking, suggested this behavior is in line with someone who drinks almond milk. "Can't trust those who are lactose intolerant," said one user. "They really do run out of almond creamer way too often, ” said another TikToker. A third joked, "That's not very vegan of them."

Life has been so chaotic the past couple of years that we might be ready to accept that someone set a fire over almond milk, but a self-professed employee of the store claimed to reveal the real reason for the blaze. Michael, @monark5522 on TikTok, who claims to work at the location where the fire occurred, alleges in a few videos that "a little girl" actually set the fire "for a TikTok trend." It is unclear what exactly the trend was, but in the third video in the series, Michael says that the total for all the damages was over $6,000, which will be paid for by the girl's family.