Florence Pugh Is Back With A New Recipe On Cooking With Flo

Fans of Florence Pugh received a treat on Instagram last Friday. She uploaded a new recipe to her Instagram account, marking the resumption of her social media-based show, "Cooking with Flo." According to uploads by the Florence Pugh YouTube fan account Cooking with Flo, which compiles the short stories into long videos, the last time Pugh shared a recipe, it was for a veggie bake back in August

Now, as you can see in either the segmented form of Instagram Stories or on Youtube via Cooking with Flo, Pugh has returned to share with fans her process for making courgetti with vegetable sauce and garlic prawns. "I'm baaack," she exclaims after introducing the show. Then, she sips her white wine. The vibe of the video continues with what made the series beloved. Namely, it's Pugh filming herself on her phone, plodding along with some wine and music as she attempts recipes. They became a source of solace for many as the world went into quarantine (via Screen Rant).

Courgetti more or less what it sounds like. Courgettes, which are called zucchini in the United States, get peeled into a spaghetti-like form and are covered in a sauce of cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, lemon, mushrooms, onions, and salami. The garlic prawns and sourdough bread accompany this for a decked-out decadent meal.

People love Cooking with Flo

The response to the delayed return of Florence Pugh's cooking stories was overwhelmingly positive. At least part of the delight comes from the fact that, as Uproxx explains, "Unlike most of us, she's not constantly kicking herself for screwing up difficult recipes. She's cucumber cool, chill, relentlessly chipper, and therefore calming to watch."

There's a definite fanbase for this kind of content. Unsurprisingly, the Florence Pugh Daily Twitter account stated that "this user needs Florence Pugh to get her own cooking show." Some may point out that "Cooking with Flo" is essentially a cooking show completely produced by Pugh. But, presumably, some fans want something more established like "Selena + Chef." In fact, one Twitter user desires this very thing: "I'm gonna need the Florence x Selena cooking collab to happen yesterday!!" 

Fans can at least dream that some kind of official collaboration will happen one day. As for a regular show, it seems unlikely. As Pugh noted in an explanation quoted by Uproxx, she could not fit her cooking videos into Instagram Live, preferring stories that are "way more chaotic in a very entertaining way."