Some Redditors Think Trader Joe's Missed The Mark When Naming Its Potato Tots

Some Trader Joe's items come with pretty basic and straightforward names like "Spinach Tortellini" and "Organic Watermelon Fruit Spread." But occasionally, the quirky grocery chain has been known to give its products some pretty clever monikers. The makers of "Incredisauce" and "Magnifisauce" made a franchise of their "Everything But The ..." products, such as Everything But the Bagel and Everything but the Elote seasoning and Everything But The Gluten Crackers. "Inner Peas" and "Unexpected Cheddar" are a couple of other cute examples, as is "Avocado's Number Guacamole," inspired by a math concept called Avogadro's Constant (via Field Notes from a Hundred Monkeys).

But some fans of the hugely popular, eclectic-meets-affordable grocery stores are sorely disappointed in the chain's latest move. It has nothing to do with the products themselves, mind you. It doesn't even have anything to do with employee attempts at unionization. Rather, it's about what they named — or didn't name — one of their frozen food products.

A missed opportunity?

Some Redditors were at a loss when one of them posted a photo of "Trader Joe's Trader Potato Tots." The wordy-but-boring moniker sufficiently describes the product, but "Why is it not called 'Trader Tots?' " pleaded one user. "It was right there." The post was punctuated with a crying face emoji and included a photo of the offending bag of the little round hashbrowns. It does seem like a missed opportunity, and perhaps Trader Joe's marketing department will kick themselves when they realize the witticism they let slip by. Some fellow Redditors agreed, but others guessed the higher-ups at TJs might have intentionally passed on the "Trader Tots" name.

"Huge miss," said one Redditor. Another offered "Trader Taders," which was met with wide approval on the thread. Several Redditors theorized that there must be patent or trademark considerations: Could "Trader Tots" be too close to "Tater Tots?" More than one Redditor stopped by to make the suggestion of "Trader Potaters." The best part of the entire thread? In the comments, the original poster added, "Side note: I approached the customer service desk about this (as a joke of course), and they offered me a free bag. I love Trader Joe's employees so much!" We have to agree with that.