Costco Fans Are So Excited To Try Its New French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

There are a lot of reasons why people love Costco, from their cult-favorite pizza, which actually makes them one of the largest pizza chains in America, to the items they sell under their in-house Kirkland Signature brand. And though some folks head to Costco to stock up on bulk-sized paper goods and packs of steaks large enough to last an entire grilling season, others are looking for the things that make day-to-day life a little more enjoyable – like flavored coffee creamer.

The popular Instagram account, @CostcoHotFinds, shares daily updates about new products and old favorites found at the popular warehouse grocer. This week the account highlights something new, Kirkland Signature Organic French Vanilla Coffee Creamer, which comes in a two-pack of 32-ounce bottles for $7.99. This find, which the poster reports is a "Costco win," struck a chord with the Instagram account's coffee-loving followers. The post currently has nearly 9,287 likes and 120, mostly positive, comments.

Perhaps some will have a new favorite coffee creamer

Kirkland Signature products are often called better than the originals, and Costco lovers are hoping that's the case with the new Organic Coffee Creamer. Instagram user @costcohotfinds reports on the new French vanilla creamer, sharing "New Kirkland Signature items always get me so excited!!! They're always perfection!!"

Costco fans across America reacted to the possibility of gaining a new favorite creamer, with one sharing "I hope we get this in WA," and another "I definitely need all the creamer I can get." Another person chimed in, "We are always last on Maui. Can't Wait!" 

For those who are worried about a flavored creamer that is too sweet, one user pointed out that there are "Only 5 grams of sugar. Not bad at all!" Another already wants more flavors stating, "Oooooo I really hope they do a hazelnut too." Not everyone was impressed over the new Costco find. One person wants a Kirkland dairy-free creamer writing, "I wish Costco made an almond milk coffee creamer," to which the original poster replied, "Hopefully that's next!" And yet another user demands, "Cut out the 'natural' flavors." 

While we can't confirm this creamer will please everyone, the overall attitude among Costco shoppers seems to be one of excitement.