Duff Goldman's Cake For His Daughter's First Birthday Is Melting Hearts

Recently, Duff Goldman celebrated his daughter's first birthday on Instagram. The baking star penned a heartfelt tribute to his young daughter, saying, "Happy first birthday sweet Josephine. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (besides your mommy @johnnapgoldman). I love you sweet baby," and fans couldn't get enough of the post. Goldman has celebrated his daughter in more ways than one over the past year, but that didn't stop him from going all out for this occasion.

The chef showed off a Totoro-inspired cake he baked for his daughter in a separate post. The cake, which featured an iced depiction of the Studio Ghibli character, also came emblazoned with a sweet message, reading, "Happy 1st Birthday Josephine." While Goldman previously made a birthday post celebrating his daughter, he took the time to caption his cake with the text, "I know y'all wanted to see Josephine's first birthday cake. Here you go. @ghibliusa @ghibliuk #totoro Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!" While some fans might have expected a baked good more in line with Goldman's work on "Ace of Cakes," this heartfelt birthday cake tugged on followers' heartstrings and elicited a ton of emotional responses.

Lots of love for the Totoro cake

The social media post has raked in a ton of comments since Goldman posted the cake photo. Excited replies include "Something tells me that she's gonna be spoiled by some great birthday cakes as she gets older," all the way to, "Perfect cake for her first birthday!!!!" Others appreciated the decoration, with comments including gems like, "I love my neighbor Totoro I grew up on studio ghibli!!!!" and "Did she get a cat bus?" Others simply sum up the sentiment in few words, like, "Perfect! So good!" and "Precious."

The birthday post celebration didn't stop on Instagram. Goldman also posted the same photo on Twitter and has attracted a ton of attention. Fans flooded in, adding their two cents, like, "Please post pics of the destruction of this cake by Miss Josephine," and "You are raising that kid right!! Happy birthday, Josephine! You have the coolest parents and now I need to make one for my own daughter (who's 20 and in LA)." Others simply kept their sentiments short and simple — "Happy birthday to your sweet girl!" While the cake has garnered a ton of love online, who knows how Goldman might top it for his daughter's future birthdays? Fans will just have to keep an eye out for even more ornate cakes as she grows up.