Martha Stewart's Bucket List Includes A Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart has led quite an eventful life. Per Insider, Stewart worked as a model when she was just 13-years-old and paid for college all by herself. She went on to explore a career as a stockbroker till the 1970s, writing on her site that "the job taught me so much about what it takes to build a real business, a real company — a meaningful and useful enterprise."

"I've been dubbed a 'late bloomer,'" Stewart writes on her website, "and I love the moniker." The chef isn't afraid to stick it to anyone who criticizes her age: in 2018, a troll tried to take her down for posting a photo of herself riding a bicycle on Instagram (via People). They wrote, "Sorry but you are too old to bike safely... set an example admit it make it easier for the rest of us to give up thinking we can still do it all." The chef replied, saying that she does "many outdoor and indoor exercises and activities" and that she "feels sorry" for the person who thinks she can't ride bikes.

Stewart has established that she can handle a bike, but as her Instagram shows, now she's thinking about motorcycles.

Her fans are inspired

Martha Stewart recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram posing with a motorbike at Keane's Autoworks in Bedford Hills, New York. The chef wrote, "Early morning in Bedford: getting the motorcycle ready for a cross country trip! Just dreaming!" She went on to reveal why she was actually at the shop and said that she was working on her Polish training carriage, adding, "I cannot wait to drive a carriage again. And hey! The carriage has disc brakes." According to the chef's website, she loves vintage carriages and has quite a collection of her own.

Her fans were definitely impressed by this update: one fan joked, "Living life in the fast lane!" while another one rooted for a cross country trip. One commenter called the chef "forever young" and another fan admitted that they thought she'd be riding the motorcycle herself. "You are a queen and it would not have surprised me," they wrote.