Here's Who Actually Picks The Challenge Items In Alex Vs. America

In the Food Network show, "Alex vs. America," celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli competes against three other chefs in two rounds in a bid to win the competition. According to the Food Network, the show is an engaging watch because "anyone — even Alex — can be sent home after a blind tasting by the judges." 

If someone does manage to beat the chef, they get $15,000 and well, "ultimate bragging rights," because they emerged victorious in a competition against a chef as experienced and well-known as Guarnaschelli. And Guarnaschelli doesn't underestimate the fact that whenever she's competing on a show instead of judging, the stakes are much higher. That said, she did have an interesting point to make about the series and told Reality Blurred, "Chefs take that risk every day by having restaurants and making themselves vulnerable to public opinion. You only hope that people respect that you want to put yourself out there."

Guarnaschelli also spoke about "Alex vs. America" on Twitter, revealing to her fans and followers who gets to select the difficult tasks the contestants go through.

Alex Guarnaschelli's response is on point

Someone tagged Alex Guarnaschelli in a Twitter post and wrote that they're not confident about "who comes up with the items under the boxes" and added that "they were definitely trying to throw crazy curveballs" in one of the episodes. Guarnaschelli posted a hilarious response to the tweet that made a lot of sense. She wrote, "Yes. that would be a group of evil-minded producers who never have to actually compete in any of these challenges."

According to Deadline, the competition is tough for Guarnaschelli in the sense that she has to work against chefs who have similar specialities: For instance, in the first episode, she had to compete against three chefs who were skilled at cooking shellfish. The celebrity chef takes the competition pretty seriously and was quoted as saying, "'Alex vs America' is literally my dream come true. That said, what I have learned the hard way is, while I love winning, I hate losing more."