If You've Ever Wanted A Huge KFC Chicken Sandwich Pillow, Now's Your Chance

It has now been just over one year since KFC rose from its seat at the metaphorical "chicken sandwich wars" coliseum to introduce its new and formidable champion, a chicken sandwich to challenge all previous and future fast food chicken sandwiches (via PR Newswire). The quarter-pound, Extra Crispy, double-breaded chicken breast filet on a buttery brioche bun, adorned with crunchy, extra-thick pickle slices, has been impressing professional reviewers and fans alike. For instance, Brand Eating described it as "really solid and enjoyable," and Fast Food Geek called it "a standout." Lately, KFC has been in the midst of winning over a slew of even more new converts to its chicken sandwich thanks to its free chicken sandwich deal that is currently running through February 7. But that's not all that KFC has in store for its loyal and potential chicken sandwich fans. 

Starting now, and while supplies last, KFC's esteemed chicken sandwich is available in an entirely new format – one that isn't so much "comfort food" as "food-adjacent comfort." Instead of crunchy, it's soft – so soft, it could be described as "smushy." Whereas the OG KFC chicken sandwich was a masterful balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy, this version goes all-in on the sweetness, as in fans are sure to be "aww"-ed. And rather than "filling," this version is "stuffed." What we're talking about is the new KFC chicken sandwich PILLOW, which is now available for sale through KFC's partner for this purpose, Pillow Pets.

No animals were harmed in the making of this chicken sandwich

KFC likes to say that it does "chicken right," and for the most part, who could even argue? However, one thing that the fried chicken giant doesn't seem to do much of, if at all, is stuffing. Until now, that is. Starting today, KFC, in partnership with Pillow Pets, is selling a soft and plushie pillow made to look like a giant KFC Chicken Sandwich. And by giant, we mean it's described as a "nearly 3-foot round pillow" that you "can sink into." The "KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler," as it's called, is available for $99.99 on PillowPets.com (which is known for creating fun stuffed animals and other cozy inanimate companions).

"We set a new standard for modern comfort food with the introduction of our KFC Chicken Sandwich last year," remarked Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S. in a press release regarding the new KFC chicken sandwich pillow. "Now fans can snuggle up with the sandwich they love the most thanks to our KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler! If the idea of snuggling up with a KFC chicken sandwich in this manner appeals to you, just be sure to act quickly because only a limited number of KFC Chicken Sandwich Snugglers are being made available. And as KFC warns in its press release, "Once they're gone, they're gone!"