50% Think These Are The Best Pancakes At IHOP

"Pancakes are the most popular breakfast option in North America and is enjoyed among all the age groups," says Mordor Intelligence, which projects a 3.8% compounded annual growth rate for the global market for pancake mixes, alone, by 2025. Today there are 1,666 IHOP locations in the U.S., with the highest concentration in California, which is the home of 222 of those locations (via ScrapeHero). And despite its closing of various locations in 2020, the pancake chain formerly known as "International House of Pancakes" is still going strong, per Seeking Alpha. In fact, IHOP continues to innovate, having recently added nine "gluten-friendly" items to its menu, including various pancakes and waffles, according to FSR Magazine.

But a recent Mashed survey of people in the U.S. regarding the "best" pancakes on the IHOP menu suggests IHOP may be best off focusing on the classics, like the one that more than 50% of the 609 respondents to our survey identified as the "best."

The best pancakes at IHOP are delightfully basic

A recent Mashed survey regarding the "best" pancakes at IHOP revealed that one IHOP pancake stands above all others in the hearts, minds, and mouths of IHOP customers — and by a considerable margin. The choices given to respondents were, in alphabetical order, the Cupcake Pancakes, the Double Blueberry pancakes, the Harvest 'N Grain Nut Pancakes, the New York Cheesecake Pancakes, and the Original Buttermilk Pancakes. And while Cupcake Pancakes and New York Cheesecake Pancakes are like a pancake fantasy come true, the fact is that of the 609 people who responded to the survey, more than half (50.41%) selected the classic Original Buttermilk Pancakes as "best."

According to respondents, the next "best" is the Double Blueberry Pancakes, which is also something of a classic. However, the margin between Original Buttermilk and Double Blueberry was enormous, with Double Blueberry taking only 15.11% of the votes. Next came Strawberry Banana (with 12.81%), followed by New York Cheesecake (with 9.52%) and then Harvest Grain 'N Nut Pancakes (with 6.40%). Bringing up the rear with a mere 5.75% of the votes? Cupcake Pancakes.

Is it a sad, sad day for cupcakes? Perhaps, but let's try to see it as a banner day for the good ole basic buttermilk stack.