Wendy's New Chicken Sandwiches Are Spicy And Sweet

Among the legions of burger chains that scatter the nation, Wendy's ranks third in sales after competitors McDonald's and Burger King, reports Restaurant Business about the most recent data. While Wendy's may not be the country's biggest fast food chain, it has certainly garnered a cult following for its fan-favorite Baconator and signature Frostys. Plus, the Wendy's Twitter account keeps the chain on customers' minds even when they're not at the drive-thru.

Known for its red-pigtailed mascot and square hamburger patties, this Columbus, Ohio-born chain has been in business since 1969, per the website. For the last five decades, the fast food giant has struck a balance between longstanding menu items, like chili and chicken nuggets, and new arrivals to its breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare. If you've been in the mood to try something different at Wendy's, you can do so now: The chain is refreshing its menu with two new chicken sandwiches, per a Wendy's press announcement.

Wendy's is hopping on the hot honey bandwagon

Though a TikToker revealed the two new Wendy's sandwiches last month, now the news is official: Wendy's had added a sweet and spicy hot honey chicken biscuit and hot honey chicken sandwich to its menu, according to a company press release. The biscuit sandwich, priced at $3.19, is the first newcomer to Wendys' morning lineup in two years. The all-new breakfast sandwich features an all white meat chicken fillet, sandwiched inside a buttermilk biscuit. If it's time for lunch or dinner, customers can opt for the $5.99 hot honey chicken sandwich, a toasted bun with spicy fried chicken breast, pepper Jack cheese, bacon, and pickle chips. Both new offerings, of course, have a drizzle of spicy honey.

The introduction of hot honey items doesn't appear to be a random decision by Wendy's. According to QSR, the number of restaurant dishes featuring hot honey jumped 187% from 2016 to 2020. Wendy's is presumably hoping to capitalize on the trend with its own spin on the popular condiment, using "the fruity kick of habanero" peppers in its blend, reads the press release.