This TikToker May Have Just Revealed 2 New Wendy's Sandwiches

Just like in any other year, 2022 will see an emergence of several new trends, particularly in the realm of food. According to Delish, mushrooms, potato milk, and non-alcoholic beverages are just a few of the things you can expect to see skyrocket in popularity over the course of the next 12 months — though that's not to say that a few dishes from the past won't continue to be major contenders in the culinary world as well. The chicken sandwich, for example, doesn't look like it will be loosening its grip on the fast food industry anytime soon. In fact, one TikTok user claims that Wendy's will be releasing two new chicken sandos in the near future that will feature a delicious, sweet-and-spicy twist.

The alleged upcoming menu drop was revealed by @mr.mawby in a video posted earlier this week that was captioned, "Early access information." In the nine-second clip, the camera pans to a computer screen that appears to have an instructional video pulled up showing two upcoming Wendy's menu items: a Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and a Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit, both of which will feature a new hot honey sauce that Eat This, Not That! says will likely be curated by the chain itself rather than relying on a third party supplier. "New samwich [sic] dropping at Wendy's," reads the text overlay on the TikTok video that has been viewed more than 485,000 times as of publishing, piquing the interest of thousands of Wendy's fans on TikTok and beyond.

Wendy's employees on Reddit seem to confirm the new Hot Honey Chicken Sandwiches

A majority of fast food restaurants have a fried chicken sandwich at the forefront of their menus these days. However, hot honey versions of the crispy poultry product are few and far between, which is probably why TikToker @mr.mawby's video revealing Wendy's supposed new line of Hot Honey Chicken Sandwiches has many excited. "YO THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD OMG," one person wrote in the comments section of the post. "I hope this comes to Canada," said another.

The TikTok video has also made it to Reddit, where the alleged new menu additions were more or less confirmed after one person posted the clip to the Wendy's Subreddit page. "Just heard about it this morning at my store from another manager. Looking forward to it," a purported employee replied. Others divulged even more information about the menu drop, which one Redditor says will happen at the end of February. "There is supposed to be a hot honey dip for chicken nuggets too," a third person shared. In addition, several Redditors said that Wendy's new Hot Honey Chicken Sandwiches will replace the chain's bar food-inspired line of Jalapeño Popper menu items.

Wendy's has yet to confirm or deny its Hot Honey Chicken Sandwiches, so keep your eyes out for an official announcement from the chain. And if the potential discontinuation of their Jalapeño Popper Sandwich has you down, we've got you covered with a copycat recipe.