This Planters Quiz Will Tell You Your 'PersoNUTality'

Planters Super Bowl commercials have been interesting in recent years. In the run-up to the 2020 Super Bowl, they shockingly had Mr. Peanut die. Even though Planters subsequently resurrected the iconic legume in the form of Baby Nut, the ad campaign certainly caught attention. Last year, CNBC reported that Planters pulled back on their advertising, instead choosing to donate the money they would have spent on Super Bowl ads to people who were doing good works in their communities. 

This year, Planters is going a fun route. The brand unveiled a quiz meant to tell you your "persoNUTality" based on the way you eat your mixed nuts. While these types of quizzes are typically meant to be taken with a whole handful of salt (or nuts), a Planters press release received by Mashed reveals that they actually enlisted the help of a body language and behavior expert. The quiz was based on an assessment tool called DiSC, which is an acronym for 4 basic personality components: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Planters, of course, took those dry sociological terms and gave them their own nutty twist.

How to get in touch with your inner nut

If you're interested in taking the quiz, we've got some good news — you can do so without having to sign up for anything, download an app, or disclose any information whatsoever to Planters' marketing team. Instead, you simply visit the PersoNUTality website and answer two easy questions. The first question asks whether you eat your mixed nuts all together or one by one. Once you answer, you'll then be asked whether you eat them quickly or play around with them first. Based on your answers, you'll be sorted into one of 4 different nut types.

If you eat your mixed nuts all together, and quickly, then you're a decisive Powerful Pecan. If you instead shake, toss, flip, or pelt the cat with your nuts, you're a fun-loving, spontaneous Playful Pistachio. If you eat your nuts one at a time without messing around, you're a thoughtful, methodical Clever Cashew. If you pick out a nut at a time and then play around with them, though, you're an easy-going, friendly Amicable Almond. So did Planters get it right; is that you in a nutshell? Or would you see yourself as more of a Puzzled Peanut, Muddled Macadamia, or WTF Walnut? The whole thing may sound funny, but at least no mascots were harmed in the making of this ad campaign.