Fans Are Raining Hearts On Martha Stewart's Snowplow Skills

Over the years, Martha Stewart has developed her reputation as somewhat of a guru in terms of cooking, entertaining, and simply keeping your house looking guest-ready at all times. After all, she's launched countless magazines, television shows, and much more, all in the lifestyle sphere. However, Stewart recently debuted another skill on her Instagram page, and fans are going nuts — it seems that she's quite handy with a snowplow.

The social media savvy entrepreneur shared a clip that was originally posted on her TikTok account, in which she was driving around her Bedford, New York farm in a blue-and-black snowplow. At one point in the short clip, some text flashed on the screen, asking, "Who did you think plows my 152-acre farm?"

The clip was just a few seconds long but showed Stewart riding in the snowplow going down various lanes and paths on her farm while checking in on her animals (some turkeys, perhaps). And at the very end, she even took things to a whole new level by plowing a heart shape in her field.

In the caption of her post, she tagged Polaris Off-Road, showing some love to the company that manufactured her snowplow, and she set the entire clip to the George Thorogood & The Destroyers song "Bad to the Bone." It seems that when it comes to tasks around the house, there's absolutely nothing Stewart can't do.

What fans had to say about her snowplow skills

Within a single day, the Instagram share racked up over 53,000 likes. Over 1,400 of her fans chimed in, sharing their thoughts in the comments section of the post. One fan couldn't help but be impressed by Stewart's snowplow savvy and her farm's snow removal system with a personal touch, writing, "Ok this is a flex." Another fan added, "You are a true inspiration; rock on M. Stewart."

Many fans were stunned by the variety of skills Stewart has accumulated over the years, with one fan writing, "You are the cutest, Martha! From baking to plowing," followed by a heart-eyes emoji to communicate her admiration. Another seemed to think that Stewart may have a few more tricks up her sleeve and commented, "Martha is a renaissance woman."

Stewart herself seems to hold that same opinion. She paired the simple caption with a few different hashtags, including #livelikemartha and #learnfrommartha. Fans will just have to stay tuned to see what she decides to teach her followers next.