Redditors Are Sharing Why They Go To McDonald's

What started as a barbecue restaurant in 1940 by the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, has turned into one of the largest fast food chains, not just in the U.S. but in the entire world. According to the McDonald's website, the brand has reached more than 100 countries and boasts more than 38,000 locations. Per The New York Times, the burger chain even raked in a whopping $23 billion in revenue in 2021, marking a 21% jump since 2019. It also netted $7.5 in profit, which was 59% higher than the 2020 total.

There's no doubt that McDonald's attracts a lot of customers. Some might even be loyal to the brand. But the question is, what makes people keep going back to the fast food chain? Is there something they find special? Sure, McDonald's has the famed Big Mac and popular fries, which more than 40% of participants named as the best fast food fries in a Mashed survey. However, Reddit had different insights to offer.

Reddit user MastResort asked, "People who eat at McDonald's, why?" While some Redditors thought that the question was posted by a member of the McDonald's marketing team looking to gather feedback, others had a more sentimental response. The key to going back for more, some say, is nostalgia.

McDonald's brings a sense of nostalgia for some Redditors

One Redditor said that "eating a McDonald's cheeseburger is likely being transported back to childhood. It's a nice feeling." Many other commenters appeared to agree that memories of the burger chain made them want to keep going back. A fan added that they associated specific burgers with different periods in their life: "I go to McDonald's because sometimes I crave the particular taste of their burgers...It brings back nostalgic memories of different times in my life. A simple hamburger reminds me of the Happy Meals I had as a kid. A Big Mac reminds me of late night college food runs." Another adult suggested that when they were a kid, McDonald's was an affordable treat that their parents could give them as compared to expensive excursions and holidays and so, the chain always holds a special place.

For other people, choosing to eat at McDonald's mostly boiled down to convenience. "It's closer than Jack in the Box and cheaper than everything else near me when I'm at work," wrote a commenter. A different Redditor responded, "Location has 75% to do with it." Some suggested that the late closing time of McDonald's locations plays a crucial role in places where most restaurants close early. Multiple Redditors pointed out that the food was affordable for families that didn't have much money. Another fan had a very simple explanation: "Because sometimes you just get that very particular itch that only McDonald's can scratch."