David Chang's Baby Boy Has The Cutest Little Cheeks, And Instagram Knows It

Celebrity chef David Chang is a proud father of two sons. He told Men's Health that when his first child was born, he decided to understand the world of baby food by sampling dishes himself. He explained, "As a chef, I was curious as to what the hell companies actually put into all those tiny jars, cups, and pouches. As a new father, I felt like it was my duty. I mean, why not eat baby food? If I wouldn't eat it, why would I feed it to my son?"

He was admittedly not too impressed with what he tried; the pre-made options didn't seem great and the pureed fruit and vegetable sachets were decent but rather pricey. Chang rose to the challenge and began making baby food on his own: For example, he first served his three-month-old son a mixture of "avocado pureed with breast milk" and realized that Hugo loved eating it. This motivated David Chang to experiment with many more food options at home instead of relying on items bought from the supermarket.

In September last year, Chang and his wife, Grace Seo Chang welcomed their second child. The excited dad shared the news on Facebook and wrote, "Welcome to the world August ... Gus & Grace are doing great. Hugo is so excited to meet his little brother." On that note, Chang recently posted an adorable picture with baby Gus on Instagram, much to the delight of his fans.

Fans are floored by the photo

David Chang shared a sweet surprise for his fans on Instagram a couple of days ago by posing with his son, Gus. The caption simply states the baby's name with a heart-shaped emoji. As expected, people couldn't keep calm and had plenty of compliments to offer. Chef J. Kenji López-Alt wrote, "Omusubi face just like mine! Haha," while chef and entrepreneur Hawa Hassan posted a series of flower emojis and said, "For Gus!"

Several fans couldn't help noticing Gus' adorable cheeks. One fan said, "Oh, my goodness!!!! Those cheeks are delectable and highly squeezable!" Another commenter wrote, "Those cheeks are begging to be pinched ... So cute!" Someone else also said that Gus' cheeks "were made for squeez[ing]" and called him a darling.

Per ABC7 Chicago, being a dad has inspired Chang in more ways than one. He's passionate about introducing diversity in food through his show, "The Next Thing You Eat." One of the episodes explores breakfast options from different cultures. Chang explained, "In the future, I want diversity. And I don't want my son to grow up looking like a weirdo when he's like, 'I want my noodle soup in the morning.'"