Alex Guarnaschelli Shares Super Relatable 'Self-Care' Meme

Being a chef is hard work, but being a celebrity chef must be even more challenging. Not only do stars like Alex Guarnaschelli have to spend hours cooking, but they also have to do it in front of cameras, in a competitive setting, and endure long days of filming. When Guarnaschelli isn't starring in her show "Alex vs America" or working as a judge on "Chopped," she has to manage her restaurant, Butter. The busy chef is also the mom to a teenager, and all of this makes her life sound pretty exhilarating, but also quite exhausting.

This is why it's no surprise that a self-care meme to her Instagram page has fans relating big time. The star posted a meme that shows a still from the movie "Edward Scissorhands." In the image, Edward, played by Johnny Depp, has his wild hair pulled away from his face with a giant purple clip, and he has a mask smeared on his face. The text on the meme reads "me on self-care nights treating myself the way I deserve." Guarnaschelli posted the meme with the caption, "I take care of myself in spurts. Sometimes I overdo it too," followed by the crying laughing emoji. 

Fans can resonate with Alex Guarnaschelli's post

The meme really does resonate with, not only Guarnaschelli's fans, but with nearly everyone who's ever felt pressed for time. So far, the post has 16,400 likes and 214 comments. Fellow Food Network star Kardea Brown, the host of "Delicious Miss Brown," left three crying-laughing emojis in the comments, as did realtor and former host of NBC's "Open House," Sara Gore (via IMDB).

Fans seemed tickled by Guarnaschelli's post, commenting "Yeah, me too," "It's all about balance," and "That's called time management." Another user exclaimed, "What else are snow/ice days for besides cooking and (self) caring?!!" 

There was even a review for Guarnaschelli's restaurant, Butter, left by a fan in the comments. "I must say the service and the food were absolutely 20 out of 10!" Perhaps not a comment that will help Guarnaschelli stay in self-care mode instead of work mode, but hey, it's always nice to hear a compliment, even when you are a celebrity.