Why Martha Stewart Just Received A Massive Box From 'A Very Dear Friend'

We all know Martha Stewart for her culinary, decorating, and entertaining prowess, but did you know that Stewart is also an animal lover? The celebrity chef owns a massive number of pets of different types, including cats, dogs, chinchillas, canaries, donkeys, horses, goats, and peacocks, according to Stewart's website. And the number is growing, as Stewart recently announced two new additions to her family: two Friesian horses. Last month, she posted a picture of one of the stunning black horses (with a seemingly impossibly perfect wavy mane) on Instagram with the caption, "One of my beautiful new Friesians. Arrived from Holland two days ago!! Happily ensconced in its new and spacious stall in my barn in Katonah."

It seems as if Stewart not only has an affinity for beautiful horses, but also for beautiful accessories for those horses. She once again took to Instagram this week to share a gift she received from "a very dear friend" in an "iconic orange box," meant for her new animals.

Stewart's horses were gifted Hermès saddle pads

Stewart posted a series of pictures on Instagram of a large Hermès box — placed next to a perfectly frothed cappuccino for size reference — that was delivered to her kitchen. She shared in the caption how delighted she was upon opening it to discover "two gorgeous saddle pads" for her new Friesian horses. The saddle pads are black and orange, luxuriously quilted, and finished with an Hermès label. The designer brand states on its website that its "lightweight, ergonomic, and high-performance products" are designed with a horse's particular needs in mind. 

Stewart called the package "a thoughtful [gift] from a very dear friend who obviously knows that each new horse needs his own new pad and saddle," thanking someone named Richard at the end of the post. While it's unclear if Richard is a friend from Hermès or elsewhere, what is clear to Instagram is that he is a very good friend indeed — one many users would love to have. "Richard, my birthday is august 20th. I'll send you the address," wrote one user, while another commented, "We all need [a] friend like Richard." Other Instagrammers were more enamored with the possibility of receiving such a lavish gift, such as one user who stated, "Life goal- big orange Hermes box with a surprise." Social media will surely be able to see the saddle pads in action, as Stewart said, "When the ice melts and we can once again ride I will show off these beautifully made equestrian accoutrements!"