Instagram Is Cheering Aarón Sánchez On As He Gets Set To Cycle For Charity

Aarón Sánchez is a busy man wearing many hats. People might know him as the owner of the restaurant Johnny Sánchez in New Orleans, a celebrity chef making appearances on shows like "MasterChef," "Chopped," and "Iron Chef," the author of two cookbooks, and even a co-owner of a New York City tattoo shop. But despite stacking "Master," "Iron," and possibly pleated chef's hats on his head, Sánchez still finds time to give back to the community.

The hat-wearer extraordinaire founded the Aarón Sánchez Scholarship Fund (ASSF), which helps people from Latin backgrounds attend culinary school (via Sanchez's website). Sánchez recently announced on Instagram a new kind of fundraiser for the ASSF. He has formed a team with culinary talents Marc Murphy, David Rose, Mary Sue Milliken, Elizabeth Falkner, and Spike Mendelsohn. Over the course of two days, they will attempt to bike 125 miles in the Burgundy region of France for the Bike to Care en Bourgogne event. While this might sound like one big "Meals on Wheels" pun, it's actually an effort to raise $30,000 for the scholarship fund – one that has Instagram rooting for Sánchez.

Aarón Sánchez and his chef pals are biking for a good cause

Aarón Sánchez explains in the Instagram post that the Bike to Care en Bourgogne event "is held in honor of the hospitality industry. The entire sum of money raised by the participating teams will go to organizations working towards the training of up-and-coming young chefs and sommeliers." According to the Bike to Care website, the race – which is more about finishing and fundraising than it is about winning – will take place on May 9 and 10. In a sense, it's a "thank you" on wheels. The event was established in recognition of the hardships that workers in the hospitality business have endured in recent times. It's not meant to just give money but to give back.

Spike Mendelsohn voiced his excitement about participating in the race in the comments of Aarón Sánchez's Instagram announcement, writing, "Can't wait brother!" Mary Sue Milliken sounded just excited about riding, commenting, "Let's raise a BOATLOAD of $$$ and send lots of kids to culinary school! The future is [delicious emoji]." Fans are also cheering on Sánchez and his fellow teammates in the comments, such as one user who wrote, "Good luck to you all! So incredibly admirable. May your journey be safe, joyous, memorable and blessed." Others approvingly wrote "fabulous" or called the effort "awesome." One user took the time to show gratitude: "Thank you for everything you do."