M&M's New Easter Flavor Is As Sweet As Honey

While you're loading your shopping cart with all that sweet discounted Valentine's Day chocolate, you may notice that stores are already decorating for Easter. Although Halloween is undisputedly the king of candy when it comes to Halloween, the Easter Bunny's following close behind. Confectionary News reported that 30% of all holiday "non-chocolate candy" sales at sweets company Brach, considering other celebrations like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween.  It makes sense, as Easter is the time of jelly beans, candy eggs, and boxes upon boxes of those sugar-drenched marshmallow delights known as Peeps.

Of course, many companies aren't afraid to don their rabbit ears and hop along down the bunny trail. Cadbury is legendary for their famous crème eggs, Brach's prepares to unload their bags of jelly beans, and bite-sized versions of popular chocolate bars will soon be filling the Easter baskets of children all across the nation. M&M's, those multicolored chocolate drops, will be joining the Easter season with a brand new flavor: Honey Graham. 

What the new M&M's flavor tastes like

"On the hunt for something new this Easter?" reads the product description of M&M's Milk Chocolate Honey Grahams (via M&M'S). "M&M'S New Milk Chocolate Honey Graham Easter Candy is a perfect addition to all your Easter traditions," the description boldly continues. The treat is composed of the brand's famous candy shell around an inner layer of milk chocolate, which itself surrounds a core of "crisp rice" that is meant to have a honey graham cracker taste. While graham crackers and chocolate do pair well together — like in s'mores — you might wonder if the M&M's Honey Graham flavor is any good. Are you better off filling your basket with original M&M's instead?

YouTuber Jason Mazurek reviewed this new type of M&M, noting that while he tasted the milk chocolate, the taste of honey and graham cracker seemed to be very faint. In another YouTube review, Tami Dunn claimed that she was getting a "marshmallow" taste, while her partner claimed that he couldn't taste anything aside from the milk chocolate. The taste may be faint enough, it seems, to be noticed by some, but not by everyone.