Olympic Gold Champ Chloe Kim Followed Her Win With A Request For Snacks

Chloe Kim has priorities. After claiming a gold medal in snowboard halfpipe, the second for the snowboarder, Kim had one thing on her mind: Food (per TODAY). Following her morning flips and twists, Kim was rushed off to a press conference where she revealed she was a little rumbly in her tumbly, offering reporters this sweet nugget of a sound bite: "Also, if anybody has some snacks in their pockets, maybe? I'm starving. It's lunchtime." It was truly a "Harry Potter"-like moment because food seemed to magically appear, per USA Today, as a U.S. Ski & Snowboard press officer gave the soon to be 2x gold medalist a chocolate bar, while others were quick to produce everything from crackers to Swiss Rolls — hopefully the Little Debbie variety.

Kim did not immediately eat her haul, but it definitely gave her the energy needed to go back out and win her second gold medal in the snowboard halfpipe. It also reminded us of the time she was competing in the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang and tweeted, "Wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I'm getting hangry." Spoiler alert, Kim went on to win her first gold representing Team USA, but she also gave her social media cheerleaders more insight into her snacking habits during competition, and they loved it.

Chloe Kim is a fan of Churros

Prior to her hangry comment leading up to her 2018 Olympic victory, Kim tweeted, "Oh and I also had 2 churros today and they were pretty bomb so if you ever get nervous go eat a churro." This sent the Twitterverse into a fun frenzy. Even Churros Locos got in on the fun, writing, "Makes sense!" Her love of churros may have even been the catalyst for Kim to partner with Cinnamon Toast Crunch on their New Cinnamoji Toast Crunch Cereal. And it definitely served as the inspiration behind US Women's National Soccer team great Alex Morgan's sweet tweet congratulating Kim on her second gold with Morgan writing, "I just ate churros to celebrate [Chloe Kim]!!!" Us too!

That said, athletes need food to fuel the demands of their bodies, especially if they are competing in the Olympics. Per NBC Sports, Michael Phelps, who has won an enviable 23 gold medals, famously shared in his book he would consume between 8,000 and 10,000 calories a day when he was competing. But that is not the typical number of calories most Olympic athletes are eating. According to a 2018 ABC News story and U.S. Ski and Snowboard registered dietician and chef Megan Chacosky, most athletes eat about 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day.