Rachael Ray's Tip For Seasoning Food 'Every Time You Cook'

Seasoning food is all about adding the right combinations of herbs and spices to achieve the optimal taste of your favorite dishes and recipes. A cookbook writer at The Stone Soup noted that those instructions in a recipe for seasoning your food are probably the most important. But learning how to season food properly is truly a skill learned from trial and error, and can leave you feeling a little like Goldilocks from the childhood fairy tale — one bowl of porridge is too salty, one is too bland, but then you get the one that is just right and it sends your taste buds over the moon. 

Well, luckily, Rachael Ray has a trick that will help you perfect your seasoning skills, and when executed properly, can turn just about any dish you serve into a masterpiece of flavor. Ray took to the social media platform TikTok to share a 20 -econd tutorial on seasoning your food, and it could be the game changer you have been looking for to put an end to chicken with little to no taste or veggies that are missing that extra something.  

Season in layers

Ray's TikTok video has already received over 40,000 likes and a lot of positive chatter. The cookbook author and host of the "Rachael Ray Show" revealed in her instructional video that seasoning is all about layers. The celebrity cook explained, "Every time you cook, every layer that you use, needs to be seasoned along the way. Not over-seasoned, but seasoned. Everything you touch, should have flavor as you go. And that flavor can come from aromatics or herbs or it can come from something as simple as salt and pepper, but we layer flavor every time we cook." 

One fan wrote, "I never thought of it this way. game changer."  And another shared, "Okay I'm just learning this now. Jeez I really thought that would be over seasoning. THANK YOU." It does seem like a lot of seasoning, but clearly you need to be bold when it comes to flavor. But perhaps you are asking: Why layer your seasonings? The blog Live, Love, Yummy goes on further to explain that this technique allows the taste to really "develop in your mouth," allowing you to create an experience of "deepening" of the flavor with each bite. Leave it to Ray to help us enjoy our food a little more!