Aldi Recalls La Fiesta's Saladitos Con Chile Due To Possible Lead Contamination

Fans of Aldi, whether you are the occasional shopper or a frequent visitor who's tried to buy every Aldi food item with a cult following, take note: The discount grocery store chain has voluntarily recalled Saladitos Con Chile (Salted Plums with Chili). This product is sold in 1-ounce bags and is produced by La Fiesta Food Products based in La Mirada, California. The possibility of lead contamination triggered the recall, per an announcement from the retailer. The Aldi recall only affects certain stores in the Golden State, and the release explains that the chain has already taken steps to remove the product from store shelves. 

The packages of Saladitos Con Chile in question were distributed to Aldi stores in California during the time period of December 1, 2021, to January 31, and could also be bought through Instacart. Many of us might not remember when a purchase took place. But if you bought a package of La Fiesta-brand salted plums, you can look for the Universal Product Code or UPC on the packages. Per the US Barcode Authority, this is the bar code you see on the back of the packaging of items you purchase. In the case of these packages of Saladitos Con Chili sold at Aldi, you are looking for 32327028283. 

It's important to note that the issue doesn't just impact Aldi. The FDA reports that potentially lead-tainted La Fiesta Saladitos Con Chile reached stores in Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada as well. The packages bear the UPC 032327028290. 

Twitter is helping ot spread the word

If after searching your pantry, you find these dried fruits, you should dispose of them or return them to your Aldi store for a refund. Per Aldi's website, this is the second recall the chain has had this year. It previously had to recall Little Salad Bar products produced by Dole due to listeria. In addition to the FDA and Aldi's announcements, Twitter is helping to spread the word. And it seems like this recall may go beyond La Fiesta products, affecting other brands sold at other grocers. 

One member of the Twitterverse, @diamondlass99, warned, "Other companies issued similar recalls for the same type of candy: dried salted plums. If you own any of the recalled candies from El Super Leon Ponchin Snacks, La Fiesta Food Products, or Rojas, you should stop eating them right now." BGR confirms that list, adding the brand El Chavito to the tally.

According to the FDA, lead, even in small amounts, is toxic whether inhaled in dust or consumed in foods and beverages. Larger amounts can even result in lead poisoning, which can cause developmental delays and disabilities in babies and small children. It can also result in a wide range of symptoms in adults that include "abdominal pain, vomiting, lethargy, irritability, weakness, behavior or mood changes, delirium, seizures, and coma."