What's The Song In The Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

One almost has to wonder if those Budweiser commercials would be half as emotional without their musical accompaniment. Sure, seeing the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale stumble over an errant barbed wire, snapping the fence and ostensibly breaking an ankle, makes us sad. And yes, seeing the fear in his dog buddy's eyes as he witnesses the fall is heartbreaking. And, okay, when the dog follows the veterinarian into the stable to watch her wrap the Clydesdale's leg, and when she shakes her head at the horse's owner to indicate that things aren't looking good, and then the dog just sits right down outside his horse buddy's stall to keep watch while he recovers ... Oh, wow, is it getting dusty in here?

Look, some of Budweiser's best Super Bowl commercials are tear-jerkers that feature Clydesdales. But in this year's ad, it's the epic guitar licks scoring the emotionally tumultuous story of horse, dog, and stupid barbed-wire fence that probably shouldn't have been there anyway, that might really get the lump rising in your throat. Spoiler alert: by the time that horse is back on h hooves — with his dog pal galloping right alongside him — and the music crescendos, you may just find yourself wondering who wrote the instrumental that so perfectly scores a classic American Super Bowl commercial. Or, you'll find yourself crying into your beer. Either way, we've got you covered.

A blend of gritty, American rock for the win

"A Clydesdale's Journey," the latest Super Bowl ad from Budweiser, was directed by Chloe Zhao, the Oscar-winning woman behind sweeping drama "Nomadland," according to Adweek. And Zhao pulls no punches in rooting out the heartstrings of Americans everywhere and ... well, pulling on them. She resurrects the friendship between dog and horse that America first fell in love with during 2014's "Puppy Love" commercial and introduces tragic circumstances for the friends to overcome. And because Zhao probably knows that music can make or break a well-told story, she employed guitar great Gary Clark Jr. to score the emotional journey.

Apple Music calls Gary Clark Jr. "a Black guitar hero for the 21st century," and his guitar chops are certainly used to great effect in "A Clydesdale's Journey." Clark Jr.'s Austin, Texas, roots are evident in the heavy slide guitar that plays in the background as we watch the horse get his strength back. And there is a steely, country, all-American feel to the defiant chords that mark the horse's return to health at the end of the ad. Broadway World says the music is a mishmash of Clark Jr.'s "Numb," combined with his performance of the national anthem. While there are no lyrics, by the time the text "In the home of the brave, down never means out" appears across the screen over the Clydesdale's triumphant return, you might find the music bringing you to your feet, too.