McDonald's Says 'Something's Coming' On Super Bowl Sunday. Here's What Fans Hope It Is

On February 12, McDonald's dropped a tease on Twitter and Facebook "Uhhhhhhhhhhh," the company wrote in the posts, "something's coming." This was accompanied by a picture of a drive-thru with the massive wheels of a truck barely visible behind the glare of headlights. Above the floating "M" on the image hovered the numbers "2.13.22," which you might recognize as the date of this year's Super Bowl. On Twitter, the brand followed its somewhat cryptic uhhhh-nouncement with another stating, "brb setting my alarm for 6:20 pm et tomorrow." That's 10 minutes before the official start time of Super Bowl LVI, according to CBS Sports. From the looks of it, McDonald's plans to unveil a video on YouTube titled "Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh."

While that verbal pause seems to stretch miles, that didn't stop social media users from filling supplying ideas to take the place of that elongated "uh." What's interesting is that the two social media platforms offered two very different types of responses to the tease. On Facebook, people gave largely food-related answers. "Food you already have on the menu but you call it something new??" one person suggested on Facebook. "Bring back bagel sandwiches and snack wraps," another person begged. "Miss them so much." A third stated what untold numbers of McDonald's customers might hope is coming: "WORKING SHAKE MACHINES?!" The rest of the comments on Facebook were filled with either menu suggestions or people snarking about McDonald's. Twitter users, on the other hand, seem to foresee something grander.

What Twitter predicts

On Twitter, some of the guesses fell into one of two categories: Either the reveal would be a collaboration with Elon Musk or a Kanye West collab. An hour after McDonald's posted its message, Donda Time, a fan site that covers all the news about Kanye West, tweeted, "Back in 2016 when Kanye wrote a poem about @McDonalds for Frank's Magazine. Tomorrow we will have a collaboration between Ye and McDonald's." NFR Podcast came to the same conclusion, writing, "There's a Kanye West x McDonalds commercial during the Super Bowl." If this does happen, it would be the latest in a series of high-profile celebrity collaborations that McDonald's has undertaken.

However, seeing the Golden Arches with the artist behind "Gold Digger" might disappoint a lot of Twitter users who hope that McDonald's will finally accept the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. People may have been holding their breath since late January after a Twitter exchange in which Elon Musk said he'd eat at McDonald's if the company accepted Dogecoin. Mickey D's fired back a reply saying it would accept Dogecoin if Tesla accepted Grimmacecoin. Speculation was fired further by Elon Musk who posted a droplet emoji below McDonald's announcement that "something's coming." It no doubt adds to the antici ... pation.

We'll have to wait to see whether the reveal is McDonald's continuing down the well-trodden path of celebrity partnerships, incorporating a cryptocurrency because a person asked, or simply introducing a new menu item.