Why Twitter Is Confused By The Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial

Not every Game Day ad has to make sense, but one avocado ad at the Super Bowl LVI had viewers scratching their heads. The Avocados from Mexico commercial in question featured ancient Roman and barbarian tailgaters at the Colosseum who put aside their rivalries over their shared love of avocados. But the lighthearted advertisement caused a stir on Twitter.

Some users responded with glee, and takes included gems like, "I think Avocados from Mexico is gonna be the winner." But others disagreed and wondered, "Is the commercial for Avocados from Mexico the worst-timed ad in Super Bowl history?" 

The Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad comes on the heels of a February 12 announcement from the U.S. government that avocados from Mexico have been suspended after an inspector "received a threat," according to the Associated Press. Only one state in Mexico has the rights to ship the fruit to America, and Cartel violence has slowly crept into this industry, AP explains. So when safety inspector received a threatening cellphone message, America suspended avocado imports. Still, anyone who wants to celebrate with Mexican avocados still has a chance.

Can you still get avocados from Mexico?

Per the Associated Press, the decision to pull the plug on Mexican avocado imports occurred just hours before the Super Bowl LVI. But the Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl commercial may still hit its mark, as many shipped avocados haven't been affected by the ban, and consumers can still pick up this particular produce for the time being.

Threats of violence against U.S. government inspectors have also occurred in 2019, AP notes, and individuals in the past have received direct threats to their safety. Eventually, the market opened back up, and Americans could receive shipments of this produce again — but the process took some time. 

The word's out on how long the current suspension of imported Mexican avocados will last. In the meantime, the only thing that makes these forbidden fruits sound better is watching Romans and barbarians bond over their shared love of guacamole.