Twitter Has Strong Feelings About The Uber Eats Super Bowl 2022 Commercial

"That Uber Eats commercial is causing quite the stir at this year's Super Bowl," tweeted of the Super Bowl LVI ad that no one can stop talking about. You know, the one that opens with Jennifer Coolidge trying to eat eyeliner, Gwyneth Paltrow biting into her own vagina candle, and Trevor Noah taking a bite out of a lightbulb? It also stars "that guy from 'Succession,'" as Twitter seems to enjoy referring to Nicholas Braun, squeezing dish detergent into his mouth like frozen honey. If you haven't seen it, the point is that Uber Eats is now delivering groceries, and some of them you should not eat.

To say that Twitter has some strong feelings about Uber Eats' commercial, aptly titled, "Uber Don't Eats," seems an understatement. Since the ad had its television premiere during the 2022 Super Bowl, Twitter has been on the verge of collapse (yes, we're exaggerating) thanks to the non-stop commentary on this inedible buffet of hilarity, as some, such as The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty, might say (what Tumulty actually did say was that "UberEats is my favorite commercial so far," via Twitter). 

Not everyone appreciated the commercial's absurd humor, however. "Uber Eats should request a refund from its ad agency for failing to deliver," one marketing professional observed (via Twitter). Twitter user, @noelggs suggested "a 10 year old had to come up with this (via Twitter)." In fact, there was a pattern vis a vis the liking and the disliking on Twitter.

The Uber Eats Super Bowl ad has Twitter divided

To reference "Anna Karenina" author Leo Tolstoy, those who love the Uber Eats Super Bowl 2022 commercial tend to love the same general things about it. For example, Gwyneth's vagina candle, the "Succession" guy eating a sponge and then whining about it to Jennifer Coolidge, and Trevor Noah's face after he eats a lightbulb. But the people who hate it all seem to hate it in their own way. For example, at least one Twitter user found the ad childish. Another threw shade at its failure to "deliver" effective marketing. Still others had issues with its storytelling, such as the Twitter user who thought having "Greg from 'Succession' trying to drink the dishwashing soap in the Uber Eats commercial" to be "kinda on the nose." 

Virginia lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Hala Ayala found the ad "gross," complaining, "I'll never get those 30 seconds back!" And then there was Adweek senior story editor Nicole Ortiz, who ignored all the visual gags and focused solely on the "oh no" soundtrack (here is why you recognize the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial song). "This Uber Eats ad would've been perfect if they didn't use the insufferable Oh no TikTok song #SuperBowl," Ortiz wrote. "An example of trying to relate to a demographic and totally missing the mark — bc everyone on TikTok knows that once you hear that song, you swipe up without even watching."