All The Stars In Uber Eats' 2022 Super Bowl Commercial

It's no secret that Super Bowl commercials are expensive, highly coveted spots. According to Variety, NBC's charge for 30 seconds of precious big game ad time is a whopping $6 million. To make the most of the opportunity of getting in front of a captive Super Bowl audience, a few large companies have put out teasers for their ads to hype them up even more. 

Of course, this may seem like a strange concept, but fans loved Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd's mockery of commercial teasers in — what else? — their own teaser for the ad campaign they made with Lay's. Before releasing the star-studded 15-second clip, Lay's posted another video of a Seth Rogen-obsessed fan singing his name while looking at some sort of shrine in a creepy basement. This brings the teaser total to two for Lay's, who likes to remind that one is simply not enough.

Not to be outdone, Uber Eats released three teasers for its ad, each showcasing a different member of the star-studded cast.

These poor stars 'can't eats anything' in Uber Eats' Super Bowl ad

Uber Eats is not playing around in its Super Bowl commercial this year. The delivery app assembled a heavy-hitting cast to promote the fact that it delivers more than just food. "We looked for talent you don't often see in commercials," Georgie Jeffreys, director of marketing for Uber Eats told Variety. "We wanted this to be unpredictable." 

With the release of three teasers, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Coolidge, and Trevor Noah eating household items, the audience had an idea of what to expect from the final commercial (above), but the surprise factor was definitely still there. One actor who is not featured in the teasers is "Succession" star Nicholas Braun, who is shown guzzling dish soap in one of the first scenes of the extended ad. He later joins Coolidge, who is eating paper towels, in the kitchen to rant about how they "can't eats" anything from their delivery.

In a live interview with Today, Coolidge revealed that they "really ate" some of the props. She explained that she thinks the lipstick she ate in her teaser was made out of white chocolate, but some of the other props, like the paper towels and loofah, were the real products, and she really ate them.