This Is The One Fast Food Item Lizzie Acker Can't Live Without - Exclusive

Over the course of The Great British Bakeoff, the contestants, hosts, and judges had to comply with one peculiar rule — they couldn't mention name brands that their bakes took inspiration from. According to Digital Spy, hosts Fielding and Lucas had to refer to a hazelnut-chocolate spread that Giuseppe Dell'Anno made as a "gianduja paste" instead of using the word Nutella.

The judges later went on to challenge the contestants to make "jammy biscuits" filled with jam and cream as a way to avoid the trademarked brand of Jammie Dodgers. While this trade of words seemed evident to most viewers, one social media did point out that proper Jammie Dodgers lack a cream filling.

Contestant Lizzie Acker also had to dance around some brand lingo. When the bakers had to whip up a bunch of brandy snaps, Acker drew her inspiration from a "popular fast food chain's apple pie" for which she had a particular fondness. This very same apple pie not only served as a source of baking inspiration for Acker, but it also ranks as her favorite fast food menu item.

Acker's love of a certain apple pie

When it comes to fast food, Acker's source of baking inspiration also serves as her favorite treat. "I think this is really clear for a "Bake Off" [contestant], McDonald's apple pie," Acker told Mashed in an exclusive interview. "[It's the crispiness]. I've got a thing, I love hearing crispy noises, like ASMR. The crisp on that apple pie — amazing. Also, the fear of whether it's actually going to burn every one of your taste buds off, or whether you're going to survive, is amazing."

While Acker loves a solid McDonald's apple pie, other flavor inspirations have influenced her baking. "Vanilla is up there," Acker continued. "Even if you just add it to any other recipe, it elevates it. Lemon cake with vanilla, boom. Chocolate cake, add a bit of vanilla, boom. It makes everything so much better."

The baker's love of this ingredient even extended into a partnership with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. Acker's collaboration with the brand took the form of a signature recipe for blondies in honor of Galentine's Day, and the chef still has a ton of surprises in store for her fans. Make sure to keep an eye on Acker's Instagram page to stay on top of the baker's next plans.