Halo Top's Newest Flavor Tastes Like A Chocolatey Cake

Ten years ago, an ice cream fan named Justin Woolverton wanted to make a healthier ice cream, without sacrificing flavor. So he set to work creating a lower-calorie, lower-sugar version of the dessert, using just an at-home ice cream maker from his own kitchen, and by June of 2012, Halo Top ice cream was born, per CNBC. It turns out Woolverton wasn't alone in his wish. His new, lighter ice cream recipe was a rapid success with fans nationwide, even snagging the spot as the number one best-selling pint of ice cream in grocery stores throughout the entire country in 2017, per Business Wire.

The company has continued to delight their fans with their light, yet still creamy and delicious, ice cream offerings, and now, they have just announced they will be adding another decadent flavor to their lineup. For a limited time, fans can enjoy Halo Top's new rich, chocolatey Devil's Food Cake flavor, which is made with a light chocolate ice cream base and flavored with swirls of sweet white icing and chunks of real chocolate cake, according to Brand Eating.

Halo Top fans are already raving about the new flavor on social media

Pints of this sweet new flavor will be on sale at participating retailers nationwide for a suggested price of $4.99. However, it will only be on shelves from now until the end of April 2022, so Devil's Food Cake fans might want to stock up while supplies last, according to Chew Boom.

This new item is already generating quite a bit of buzz on the brand's social media, with quite a few fans already posting positive reviews about the newest release. Halo Top posted a teaser ad about the new Devil's Food Cake flavor on their Instagram account, and the new offering already appears to have quite a few fans. "I tried it and it's definitely a 10/10!" @emma.louise.0513 raved. Another fan called the Devil's Food Cake flavor "My favorite right now!!" while @jeffcf82 begged "Love the devils food cake please make it a regular flavor." And while as of right now, Devil's Food Cake is only a limited-edition release, who knows? If this new flavor already has this many fans, maybe @jeffcf82's wish could one day come true.