Reddit Is Swooning Over A Fan's Bob's Burgers Valentine's Day Pie

Valentine's Day is a time for people to express their love, and a homemade dessert can serve as one romantic way to do that. There is just something sweet about knowing someone has put lots of time and effort into their creation, and one exceptionally talented Reddit user apparently did just that for Valentine's Day with a special pie. The dedication it must have taken seemed to scream "I love Bob" – or rather, his burgers. (And if this was for a special someone, maybe it screamed, "I love you," too.) The punnily named u/ThePieous went the extra mile to decorate a pie with beloved characters from the popular cartoon "Bob's Burgers." The caption of the post described it as a "Bob's Burgers Valentine's themed Cherry Pie with sanding sugar topping." 

The work of edible art featured Bob, Linda, and Lousie Belcher in a heart at the center of the pie, with smaller hearts adorning the outer edges. Fans of the show and the gorgeous dessert that honored it heaped much-deserved praise. Reddit user u/Suspicious-Elk-3631 called the pie "sweet perfection in food form" while another user raved, "Wow this is amazing! A work of art!" Others called the pie "unreal," "delightful, and "Utterly creative!!!" "I want Netflix to give you your own cooking show where you teach us to make a new pie every week," said another impressed user.

Many people said the pie was just too amazing to eat

If Reddit found one thing about this "Bob's Burgers"-themed cherry pie that could be considered a problem, it's that the dish is simply too pretty to eat. "I just want to cast it in resin and pray it stays looking that good forever," declared one user. "I wouldn't have the heart to cut it. Gonna have to down it whole," u/riko77can joked. Another amateur baker lamented about the state of their own crust-making skills after seeing this pie. "That's some impressive crust work. Mine always looks like a two year old did it," u/Canis_Malus wrote. 

However, while not everyone may be able to craft an impressive cartoon scene on a pie just yet, even a novice baker can add an extra special creative touch to their pie crusts with just a few simple tips. Great British Chefs recommends using a decorative cutter to cut out leaf or heart shapes, which can then be arranged in layers over the top of the pie for a simple, yet artful, pie crust. For those who don't want full cut-outs, a single-crust pie can be spruced up by using a spoon or your fingers, to create a fluted, roped, or reverse scalloped design along the edge of the pie, according to Taste of Home. So while it may take some time to work up to creating full cartoon scenes on your baked goods, with a little practice, anyone can add an extra pretty touch to their homemade pies.