Quiznos Has Something In Store For Lobster Lovers

The Quiznos sandwich restaurant has seen better days, from having 4,700 storefronts in 2007, down to only about 400 now dotting the landscape (via Restaurant Business Online). Although the chain is known for its warm, toasted bread, it's still outmatched by Subway, Jimmy John's, and other sandwich masters. This isn't to say that the fast-casual chain isn't a good spot to grab a sub, but still, Quiznos is slowly disappearing across the country.

Even in the face of adversity, the sub shop refuses to back down without a fight. Quiznos offers its patrons a pretty expansive menu, featuring steak sandwiches, chicken clubs, salads, and even soups. It also adds seasonal menu items, with two of them being rather impressive to find in a sandwich shop: The Lobster Classic and the Old Bay Lobster Club. 

Questions may be mounting over the Quiznos lobster creations, including what's in the sandwiches and what they might taste like. Read on for the deets.

Quiznos lobster subs are available for a limited time

According to BusinessWire, the Quiznos' Lobster Club is stuffed with a mixture of seafood salad, lobster meat, and shredded lettuce between toasted Italian bread. The Old Bay Lobster Club, on the other hand, is filled with seafood salad/lobster mix, Old Bay seasoning, bacon, lettuce, and spicy mayo, a bit of an upgrade from its classic counterpart. Quiznos Vice President of Culinary Innovation, Mike Gieseman, stated that he was "thrilled" to see the sandwiches returning, claiming the lobster sandwiches are "some of our most popular seasonal treats," and further noting that "we can't wait for our guests to enjoy them."

PR speeches can be persuasive, but you may have reservations about trying lobster from a hoagie shop, and according to a review of the Lobster Club, per Fast Food Geek, only 51% of these subs is actually made of lobster. The other 49% aside, the review states "the sandwich did a good job of approximating one of the famed Maine lobster roll for the mass market," and declared the meal a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

According to Brand Eating, the sandwiches are available for a limited time, but as a special promotion now through February 20 rewards members can purchase an eight-inch Lobster sub for only $6. 

And if you're wondering about that other 49%, according to a 2013 Twitter chat, it might be Alaskan Pollock.