The Vegemite Fish And Chips TikTok Recipe Gordon Ramsay Can't Handle

You could say Gordon Ramsay is the king of fish and chips, owning 2 restaurants in the U.S. where they serve it as the specialty dish. You can see why he is so passionate in his latest installment of #RamsayReacts, where he reacts to a recipe for Vegemite on fish and chips.

Back in Nov. 2021, food and recipe blogger @aussie_qbbq posted a video of himself making the recipe associated with the hashtag for Ramsay to see. The celebrity chef started off his reaction video by saying, "Vegemite fish and chips? Don't be so stupid!"

Although Ramsay is mainly disapproving of the user's process, he does give credit where it's due, such as when the user sprinkles flaky salt on the fish when the video is almost over. Despite his criticisms, he does contribute a fair number of suggestions, including how the fish should have more batter and not to include lemonade in the recipe.

'Are you from Down Under?'

In the video, you see Ramsay asking the user, "Are you from Down Under?" This is the phrase that refers to Australia or New Zealand.

The thick, dark spread the TikTok user is seen spreading across their fried cod is none other than Vegemite, which is a savory spread and yeast extract that is nationally enjoyed in Australia. Although its popularity extends into the U.K., where Ramsay is from, it is usually used to top toast and crackers. This might explain Ramsay's disappointed reaction to the video and why he's captioned his video reaction, "Kid you've lost the plot!!!"

The "Hell's Kitchen" host tells @aussie_qbbq to stop as soon as the flaky sea salt is sprinkled on the fish. Afterward, he proceeds to spread some salty Vegemite onto the new fried layer, to which Ramsay reacts, "No, you idiot!" Because fish and chips is one of Ramsay's prized dishes, this recipe was really a low blow.