This Down Home With The Neelys' Recipe Stands Above The Rest

Pat and Gina Neely wowed fans with intense, flavorful recipes and secrets of the barbecue business on their successful 11-season show, "Down Home with the Neelys." The couple owned several popular barbecue restaurants together in Tennessee, all of which have closed down. But during their time on-air, the duo showcased an array of comfort food classics, favorite restaurant dishes, and variations on their favorite family recipes. They have also released several cookbooks highlighting some of the tasty recipes from the show. 

The Neelys first appeared on TV in 2008, and although widely popular, their stint on the Food Network ended in 2014. The real reason "Down Home with the Neelys" was canceled certainly surprised viewers, as the couple cited a divorce for why they left the show.

Although no longer on air, some of the Neelys' recipes are unforgettable, and one, in particular, has been dubbed a favorite among home chefs and barbecue masters. This favorite pork recipe is so unique, it requires an unexpected tool to achieve optimum results — a syringe.

Rave reviews for the Neelys Apple Injected Smoked Pork

Of all the Neelys' famous meals, fans say their Apple Injected Smoked Pork recipe stands out above the rest.

For this recipe, the duo advises chefs at home to use a syringe to inject a six to eight-pound pork butt with an apple cider marinade (per Food Network). A dry rub is used to season the meat, including a decent amount of cayenne pepper, and the dish comes together over six hours inside a smoker filled with applewood chips. The result, viewers say, is pork that's so tender it falls apart, along with an unmatched sweet, smokey flavor.

The reviews are tops for the Neelys' Apple Injected Smoked Pork, as one Food Network recipe reviewer shared "Pork usually tends to be tough, but this marinade was awesome...I couldn't believe how juicy and tender the pork was." Another revealed, "It was a huge hit. There were no leftovers." Of the 18 reviews left on this recipe, the average rating was nearly five stars. 

Pat Neely advertised the finished product on Facebook, commenting, "For the Serious BBQ Masters!!!" The accolades rang out in the post's comment section and there were a whopping 447 shares.

For those wondering how to recreate this recipe without a smoker — don't fret. The same tenderness and flavor can be achieved in the oven for Down Home with the Neelys' Apple Injected Smoked Pork Recipe With A Twist