The 'Caticorn' Cereal You Forgot Sam's Club Used To Sell

As a kid, there was nothing like a big bowl of sugary cereal in the morning. No bland Corn Flakes, no junk with fruit or raisins, you wanted the stuff that could change the flavor of the milk it was in. Sure, your folks might have said something along the lines of "That's too much sugar!" But you needed that energy to start your day and boy, did a few bowls of Smurf Berry Crunch or S'mores Crunch do the trick! 

Although there are still concerns of overly-sugary breakfast cereals even today (via Reuters), some cereal companies have seemingly tossed caution to the wind when it comes to treading the line between a vitamin-filled breakfast or straight candy. General Mill's Lucky Charms, for a limited time, offered lucky shoppers a box of the cereal's famous Marshmallow Charms — no cereal, just 100% pure marshmallows (via BestProducts). There's even Little Debbie cereals, just in case you wanted to have a Cosmic Brownie or Oatmeal Creme Pie for breakfast. In a world where breakfast seems to teeter between a healthy balanced meal or dessert masquerading as a morning meal, there are some things that are just plain bizarre. There exist some cereals that make you pick up the box and wonder, "Just who is this marketed towards anyway?" 

Such is the case with a certain type of cereal that was sold at wholesale store Sam's Club, featuring everything from rainbows, edible glitter, magic, and an elusive, enchanting creature known simply as the Caticorn.

Caticorn Cereal was strawberry cereal and glitter

To start things off, let's get this question out of the way: "What IS a Caticorn anyway?" A "Caticorn" is a mythical combination of cat and unicorn, discernible by its appearance as a fluffy white cat with a horn and rainbow-colored tail. Since we cover food-focused news here, we can't give you much information into the specifics of the Caticorn, though Prudent Pet offers an in-depth guide on the topic, so it's best to read it over before searching for your own cat-unicorn creature.

As for the cereal itself, Kellogg's Caticorn cereal described as strawberry-flavored cereal in the shape of loops, much like Froot Loops, sprinkled with a dash of edible glitter (via Food and Wine). In 2019, the cereal was exclusive to Sam's Club stores and websites until the end of March, where the Caticorn would then been available everywhere until the end of April of the same year. Reviews of the cereal focused on it's "magicness" to see if it truly provided the quirky eating experience Kellogg's promised. Cerealously's review notes that aside from the sprinkles, it was "ultimately forgettable", claiming it was "watered-down Very Berry Cheerios." The Impulsive Buy expanded on this, saying that not only is the cereal a less fruity version of Froot Loops, but that the box itself is the only thing truly memorable about it. 

If you ever see a box of Caticorn cereal, perhaps it's best to buy it, just to have proof.