Twitter's Bland Doritos Debate, Explained

Doritos is an iconic chip brand, and each flavor seems to have its own cult following. For example, there's the everlasting debate between which of two classic flavors is superior: Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese. The author of an article on The Takeout claimed to be #TeamCoolRanch, citing its robust amount of flavors to be more dynamic than those of the Nacho Cheese variety. However, when the same author conducted an office-wide survey, they found the race to be fairly neck and neck. 

Besides those two classic flavors, Doritos' website shows that the brand has expanded to include myriad iterations of its tortilla chips, such as Poppin' Jalapeño, Salsa Verde, and Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch, to name a few. Still, some snack fans on Twitter believe that Doritos hasn't quite thought of all the possibilities when it comes to flavor development. That's why they're jokingly tweeting the blandest possible chip flavors they can dream up.

#BlandDoritos has been trending on Twitter

This morning, comic writer Gail Simone took to social media to propose a creative contest for Doritos lovers in the United States and beyond, tweeting, "Name the blandest imaginable Dorito's flavor. Best answer gets a thing of white rice. Please use hashtag #BlandDoritos." Simone provided a few examples to get the party started, including "Cool Styrofoam" and "Crunchless." Twitter users got to work and came up with some pretty genius — albeit incredibly bland — Doritos flavors, with some users even designing the hypothetical packaging. Some stellar selections include "Communion Cracker," "Baking Sodaritos," "Packing Peanut," and "White Bread Lightning Zing!"

"This might be my favorite hashtag, you guys," Simone replied before retweeting a message showing that, for a brief time in history, #BlandDoritos was the number-one hashtag in the U.S. The winner of the "thing of white rice" is either undeclared or unclear as of this writing, but one thing's for sure: We'll be sticking with our tried-and-true Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese over here.