Instagram Wants To Know More About Ryan Seacrest's Shave Ice

Even Ryan Seacrest, arguably the hardest working man in show business, gets a break from time to time. The Atlanta, Georgia native is on location shooting "American Idol" in Hawaii right now, and he posted a pic to his Instagram account of a midday treat, a "tropical fruit shaved ice @Reggie's Famous Ice Stand in Hawaii," the image caption reads.

Adorably, he added that he's, "working on a little surprise for you, Flora!" The Flora he's referring to is presumably his three-year-old niece, whom he regularly spends time and poses for pictures with. User dkaups picked up on that factoid quickly, commenting, "Such a good uncle."

Cue all of Seacrest's fans flooding his Insta with questions and comments about the delicious-looking treat. "That Hawaiian shaved ice is the real deal!" commented user leshammar. Follower 911Smokes says it looks, "refreshing and delish," and user jackieoh10 said that they, "Had that in Hawaii — amazing!"

All about Hawaiin shave ice

Hawaii is one of the most popular places in the world for shave ice. That's right, it's actually called "shave ice" there, rather than shaved ice. It's a mistake that Seacrest and just about everyone else seems to make.

Unlike snow cones, which use crushed ice for the base, Hawaiian shave ice is cut nice and thin, as if it's truly shaved off. Then, it's topped with any variety of sweet syrup for flavor. The idea is for it to be, "a softer, more snow-like dessert," says Happy Shave Ice.

Hawaiian shave ice dates back to the mid-1800s, when Japanese immigrants showed locals how to make "kakigori," their word for shave ice. At the time, per Eater, they topped it with simpler substances for flavor, like molasses syrup or sugar. Today, the three most popular flavors, according to Hawaiian Shaved Ice, are grape, blue raspberry, and cherry. Any way you shave it, flavors like that sound pretty darn good. Obviously, Seacrest agrees!