Will McDonald's Bring Its Nachos To The US?

When you're debating what to order at McDonald's, chances are your mind jumps to classics like French fries, the Big Mac, or perhaps Chicken McNuggets (or the divisive Filet-O-Fish, as Reddit discusses). However, as anyone who's visited a McDonald's location somewhere outside of the U.S. knows, there are sometimes special items found only at McDonald's restaurants in that particular country — and that's exactly what's happening in Spain.

The fast-food joint known primarily for its burgers and fries likely isn't your first thought when you're thinking of grabbing some nachos. But McDonald's locations in Spain are coming out with a special Tex Mex menu, available for a limited time only, per Brand Eating.

Some of the items on the Tex Mex menu are just regular McDonald's classics with a bit of extra seasoning or flavors, such as the McShaker Fries, which involve dressing up regular fries with some cheese seasoning. Others though, such as the Nachos with Cheese Sauce, bring in new menu possibilities, adding both nacho cheese sauce and tortillas to the regular menu. And while they can be used to whip up a side of nachos, the nacho components can also be used to accentuate some of the brand's other items, like their burgers. Spanish McDonald's locations are adding a Tex Mex twist to their burger line-up with the Grand McExtreme Nachos burger, which features nacho cheese sauce and tortilla chips stacked atop a burger.

The McDonald's nachos are available in Spain

As The Street reports, only McDonald's fans who are based in Spain can try out this limited-edition Tex Mex menu expansion at the moment.

However, this isn't the brand's first time testing the waters with Tex Mex or Mexican-inspired fare. As Eat This, Not That! noted, the chain tried serving breakfast burritos and even chicken fajitas back in the 1990s. Given that fast-food fans started a Change.org petition to bring the fajitas back to the menu 20 years later, there just might be an appetite for some Tex Mex sides. The nachos wouldn't even be the first international item to use some type of nacho cheese sauce. Per the McDonald's Ireland website, diners in Ireland can get nacho cheese wedges that feature a cheesy filling with jalapeño slices, ready for dunking in a sour cream and chive dip.

Unfortunately, U.S. fans will have to wait and see whether they'll get a chance to try the chain's new offering, as there's no word yet about if there will be a U.S. release. And without the ability to try them, many fans are on the fence about the menu addition. In a Reddit thread about the new nachos, one fan commented "these look amazing." However, another was less than impressed, adding that "the nachos are your basic gas station nachos, and they don't even come with jalapeños."