This State Has The Most Wendy's Locations In The US

Wendy's may keep us laughing on Twitter with all of its hilarious roasts, but it is the food that keeps us walking through the door or using the convenience of the drive-thru. And while the quick-service restaurant is known for its literal square meal — the burgers are square — that includes fries and a soft drink, it is easy to guess that the star of the meal is this fast-food chain's classic dessert we all love: the Frosty. In fact, according to WRAL, Wendy's revealed it sells about 300 million of these frozen treats each year. 

With this in mind, it is easy to understand why this chain is so popular. In fact, it ranks fourth as the most popular dining brand, according to YouGov, so Wendy's is definitely beloved among Americans. And while Columbus, Ohio may lay claim to the inaugural site this iconic burger joint first called home in 1969 (per Wendy's Story), Ohio does not hold the crown as the state with the most Wendy's. Instead, it is a much warmer state that gets this honor.

The Sunshine State

If you guessed Florida, then winner, winner, Wendy's dinner. Per Scrape Hero, Florida has the most Wendy's, boasting 528 locations across the state that is also known for its palm trees, beaches, and year-round sunshine. The site goes on to share that as of January 2022, 5,896 Wendy's restaurants dot the United States, with Florida laying claim to 8% of that number. Texas takes the second spot with 436 restaurants, and the state of its origins, Ohio, rounds out the trio for most Wendy's with 403 locations. 

Why Florida? Honestly, we aren't sure. Perhaps there is a lot of potential for growth in this state with over 21 million residents, or maybe it is simply based on a matter of fast food preference, with Florida preferring Wendy's. But the chain that has declared on Twitter, "We like our tweets the way we like our fries: hot, crispy, and better than anyone expects from a fast food restaurant," definitely has a fan base in a state known for its amusement parks, golf courses, and vacation resorts.