The Queen Prefers These Types Of Foods Over Carbs

There are a strict set of rules that all members of the British royal family must follow. The general rulebook of do's and don'ts for all royals, including her majesty the Queen, involves everything from correctly holding teacups to appropriately using napkins. But when it comes to the actual food that the royals eat, it's up to the Queen to decide what goes on the dinner table.

According to Darren McGrady, the former royal chef, the Queen is sent a draft menu of the meals to come well in advance and the menu is only implemented when she gives the chefs a green light (via Marie Claire). The menu is always prepared with the Queen's likes and dislikes in mind. From loving all things dark chocolate, to enjoying a strict diet of Kellogg's and Darjeeling tea for breakfast, there are certain things that people can boast of having in common with the Queen. Some of her dislikes, however, can seem a tad strange, like her dislike for carbs.

The Queen prefers fresh foods over carbs

Unlike the rest of the world which seems to enjoy carbs in all shapes and forms, from potatoes to pasta, the Queen does not have a penchant for carbs (via Hello Magazine). Garlic, onions, and anything spicy are all a huge 'no' as well. According to BBC, the rule isn't limited to just Buckingham Palace. When the Queen went on a trip to Rome and Milan in 2000, garlic and long kinds of pasta, as well as any messy sauces, were to strictly stay off the menu. Let's just say that you're not likely to catch the Queen eating spaghetti and garlic bread anytime soon.

Instead, McGrady says that the Queen much rather prefers to eat fresh veggies, meat, and seafood. The Queen is known to love fresh produce and enjoys foods that are locally grown, organic, and preferably in season. Delish says that when it comes to mangoes, however, the Queen likes them enough to make the juicy fruit an exception and has a ready stash of it all year round. The Queen also has a liking for game birds and, really, just any produce that comes from her own estate (via Marie Claire).