Alex Vs America Season 2: Info We Know So Far

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli isn't one to shy away from a competition. In each episode of her new Food Network series, "Alex vs. America," Guarnaschelli cooks against three different chefs specializing in a certain type of cuisine, preparing a dish to be blindly judged by an expert panel. Online, reviews of the show have been largely positive: A fan who enjoyed watching Guarnaschelli in the first season wrote on Reddit, "I kinda like seeing her melancholy side ... she is very focused and way more low key, more introverted, than most TV chefs. I totally identify with that." Another viewer said the series has "a good concept that certainly plays to Alex's strengths." 

Earlier this month, Food Network declared that fans will be able to watch another season of "Alex vs. America" in the near future, reads a Discovery press release. As for her feelings going into Season 2, Guarnaschelli said, "I knew that I had a real passion for competitive cooking when we first started talking about this show, and this experience has turned that passion into a full-on obsession."

The premiere date hasn't been announced yet

Discovery's press release announcing Season 2 of "Alex vs. America" touted the series' success in Season 1. Before its finale earlier this month, the show had nearly 6 million viewers and "ranked as the #2 cable program" in its television category. While the next season's launch date is still a mystery, Food Network confirmed on Twitter that the second edition will have chef Eric Adjepong acting as the show's host once more. The show will air on Food Network and stream on discovery+.

Additionally, the plot of Season 2 sounds like it will be the same as the first season: Each episode will feature chefs from different parts of the country as they try to beat Guarnaschelli. The network hasn't confirmed how many episodes will be in the season, but fans on Twitter are hoping for more than five this time around. However long the season runs, its star will be as competitive as ever. "Getting to work with the charismatic and supremely talented Eric Adjepong is icing on a nearly perfect cake, nearly perfect because as I have said before, I really love winning and absolutely hate losing even more," Guarnaschelli said.