Rachael Ray Claims Doing This Will 'Get You Perfect Pork Chops Every Time'

Rachael Ray has taken to social media to share her fair share of tips and tricks to make cooking easier for her fans and followers, and the celebrity cook is at it again with her latest suggestion to help you achieve the perfect pork chop. Pork chops come with all kinds of challenges when it comes time to prepare them. As Kitchn points out, pork chops are a tender cut of meat that many of us are prone to overcook. You also don't want to undercook your food because that method can come with its own set of issues for both your taste buds and your health. 

And then there's sometimes a thin layer of fat, which may have you wondering if trimming it off it is the right course of action. The "30 Minute Meals" host has both the answer to that question and the solution of how to get the most out of this part of your chop. Ray doesn't trim this part of her pork chop and instead uses it to enhance the flavor of this meat, but her trick to ensure it's properly brown has her Instagram account abuzz.

Get your chops upright

Rachael Ray posted a video to her Instagram account that may help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when cooking pork. She shares that you should stand your chops up on their side to brown the fat cap. The culinary star explains that this allows you to "crisp up that tiny little edge of fat around the outside of the chop." Ray isn't the only one who uses this trick: Bon Appetit also recommends standing up your pock chops in your frying pan when you are cooking them to "render" that fat until it is nice and crispy. Game changer, right? Commenters on the cookbook author's Instagram seem to think so.

One of Ray's followers wrote, "You explain things in a way I wish I could. People 'learn' differently, but I think you speak to everyone!! You have a unique quality ... it's not 'mansplaining.' Thank you." While another simply but enthusiastically expressed, "Love that technique!" Yet another Instagrammer shared they use this trick for other meat, writing, "I do this with my steak." They all seem to agree that it's definitely a technique worth trying. It may just add an extra pop of flavor and texture to your chops.