Customer Repays Kroger Employee's Touching Display Of Generosity

It can be rare these days to find good news among the endless food shortages, rude customers, and worker strikes. Kroger recently fell victim to this aforementioned worker strike as the union is fighting for better pay and safety precautions, in addition to health care benefits. Grocery stores have really been taking hits from all angles, whether it be employees, owners, or even customers.

Yet, one Kroger customer seemed to take an act of kindness in stride. You've been there — walking up to the register, dismayed from a hectic day, reaching for your wallet only to realize it's not where you thought you left it. Normally, this situation warrants another trip to the grocery store with no available option to pay. Yet Victoria Hermanson of Lynchburg, Virginia, was surprised to learn that as she went to search for her wallet in the car, the cashier, Asia, was paying for her groceries.

"It was so selfless and something that seemed to just be natural to her, like it didn't require even a thought to just pay for my groceries because she could," Victoria wrote in a viral Facebook post.

The Kroger customer was so 'blessed' she delivered a gift basket

Following the sharing of the Facebook post, a number of users in the Lynchburg, Virginia community flooded the message with an outpouring of support. "No words! Just love! Happy happy happy!!" one person wrote. Meanwhile, another said, "Beautiful story! So glad to know there are people like Asia in this world & at Kroger!" According to WSLS 10 News, Victoria Hermanson's total grocery bill was around $50.

The next day, the woman repaid the cashier with double the amount of the original purchase, a gift basket filled with cupcakes, and a heartfelt letter. Speaking to the news outlet, Asia said she didn't expect the customer to "react like she did" while Kroger's manager said this is "a perfect fit for modeling customer service."

While this may not happen every time someone forgets their wallet, it is heartwarming to see the massive spread of positivity from such a simple act.